Marketing & Promotion

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Marketing and promotion are core components implemented in the life-cycle of any product aimed to be introduced or launched through on-line shopping platforms.

Whether the goal is to promote a new and innovative product or launching a private label venture, a gradual and data based approach is required in order to build digital presence, create traffic to a product’s listing and cultivate brand awareness, this while retaining a healthy and positive seller Matrix within the specific market/platform.  This on-going work includes market research and segmentation through advanced analysis tools, defining a course of action suitable for the specific project and designed to create an interest among the target audience, applying for a product review, driving traffic and creating campaigns. The right balance between inner platform advertising tools, PPC keyword campaigns, SEO and social (Facebook) promoting is to be defined and implemented.

Cart Venture can lead your business through all the necessary marketing stages to create good rating and branding, build a loyal customer base and develop paths for the future expansion of your business.