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Optimization focuses on developing and increasing the visibility of search engine results, The basic objective is to channel and designate traffic to reach sales goals.

This on-going process consists a comprehensive approach of taking action, analyzing results, and implementing the correct conclusions in to the process. Special attention is paid to changing trends in the market place. Optimization is done both at the product listing level for the relevant niche or category and at the promoting campaign level aimed to achieve the maximum exposure to the product or launched brand. 

Optimization ensures that the product advertisements and the parameters that they include are created and characterized in the best possible manner, and based on in-depth research and analysis.  

Advanced tools are used to find and analyze relevant trends, keywords and the behavior of competitors and perform adjustments  on listings and ads, prices and  special offerings and search engine optimization (SEO) decisions, either organically or by using pay-per-click (PPC) promotion.